Going to S.O.N.H

So after a number of people kept insisting that I be at Swingout New Hampshire this year (not asking if I was going to attend rather insisting), I decided to try my hand at fund raising for it. What started as a lark asking for donations, my status line, on sites like Facebook and Myspace has turned into an actual pledge campaign in which I trade privates for pledges. With the help of friends I’ve already made it over halfway to my goal.

Now at first it may seem a bit cheeky to ask people to send you to a dance camp; however, with an exchange of services promised (private instruction at a reduced rate) it seems to have turned into a viable solution to one of my foremost issues (money). It has also given me hope that people are indeed interested in what I have to say as a dance instructor, buffering my self-esteem, and providing me with a flurry of work; hopefully, generating enough controversy (already the case) and positive experiences for those who do pledge that it will result in a marketing boost for future privates.

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  1. Excellent strategy!
    And very Bourdieu-like, actually.
    Glad it’s working out for you!

  2. Wow. Half way? That’s impressive!

    What controversy? I haven’t heard any.

  3. Yay! Carl at SONH! See you there!

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