Lacing up… the first

For my birthday back in June I received a pair of black Capezio tap shoes, taps on. I had been talking about taking up tap dancing for a while, even mistaken as a tap dancer once, but as all things that generally take money and time I had put it off. Thus when I received this first pair of tap shoes I was determined to get on with it then. After a very unfortunate month with an accident that took me down physically, I finally began fiddling with my taps until I could get Michelle to show me a thing or two. After a week or two of fidgeting my feet by myself I finally got to learn a bit from Michelle who had done years of tap when she was a kid.

Throwing down two sheets of thin fiberboard used to back bookshelves in her gorgeous yoga studio, we began. We started simple: brush drag, brush drag, brush drag, brush step; brush drag, brush drag, brush drag, brush step; and so on. Getting the simple rhythms here wasn’t the hard part, it was not bludgeoning my poor feet to pieces. I hit the floor too hard, no wonder my feet hurt after fidgeting them all on my lonesome. She then showed me a little routine to practice which had triplets (right toe, right heel, left heel; repeat left side), harder to get the timing correct.

My biggest stumble that first practice was trying to mix in a heel from the foot that wasn’t doing the “main” rhythm while continuing with the other foot. Example: left brush drag right heel left toe heel. It’s supposed to sound something like: ba-da-da-da-da. That right heel killed me.

So, determined, I practiced almost an hour or two a day everyday that week on what she had shown me, plus random time waiting for the bus or metro. I had it by the next time we got together.

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