SONH (Wednesday & Thursday)

While I had intended to write a daily review from Swing Out New Hampshire; the event took over and free time all but disappeared or was appropriated into practice time or nap time.

The camp overall was excellent, exhausting, and exhilarating. I recommend it highly.

Wednesday I got to help with check-in, setup and selling T-shirts. It was great to be there to greet all of my friends as they arrived. Four hours later it was time for the first communal dinner. Always a great bustle of people. Gordon Webster played in a trio and the energy was amazing. The acoustics were much better than the last time I heard him play at the Montreal Exchange, and the audience was much more reactive. People were shouting and clapping; the band responded by driving harder; Gordon responded, his foot jamming away on the floor. It was the only way to start off.

Thursday began bright and early with Manu & Gina’s performance class in the “lounge”. A undersized stuffy room with a painted red wood floor that was wretched on the floor (even going so far as to stain the bottom of my jeans). The routine was tight. I complement their choice of music – Lionel Hampton’s Dinah – up tempo but chill enough to easily be laid back with nice phrasing and punchy hits. Check it out here; I’m dancing with Mariel Adams front and center.

Rounding off the day were the Cangelosi Cards. This was my first time hearing this exceptional band; a six-piece band with Gordon sitting in on piano, a harmonica player, bass player, two guitarists (one on a steel guitar, the other acoustic), and Tamara who is such an spectacular vocalist. Their music was late-20’s chunky with a guitar (sometimes two) and the bass on rhythm; Gordon adding solid lines and melodies; the harmonica delivering its sweet heartfelt sound; and out of all of it would come Tamara’s voice – right out of a old-time record – warbling to clear, high and low. An amazing talent, she instantly became one of my favorite singers in the the jazz genre; able to provide a wide range of sounds and tones; one of the only vocalists I’ve seen execute flawless wordless vocals as if she were a violin, bass or other chordal instrument. Although they ended early that night, they were on top of it just like Gordon’s band. What a night.

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  1. I really wish I had stayed up that night with the Cards and Gordon. I could still hear the music all the way from the cabin, and I was so so tempted to just head back and dance in my PJ’s :-p

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