I went to the first of hopefully many Montreal Tap Jams this evening. It was in the KlaXson studio near Atwater Metro which is a small space in the basement level of a building next to Alexis-Nihon. I got there late, having had to search for my misplaced tap shoes, and there was already a decent circle of probably a dozen or so people with music playing.

I haven’t put my tap shoes on in since I was in Maine, which is probably three weeks ago although it feels much longer, and was definitely out of shape for a jam. However, I put them on and joined the circle. They were going round robin trading phrases, at first with specific tap steps in mind, while the circle tapped out a constant rhythm in the back. I found this quite hard to jump into, since my tap vocabulary is horribly limited, but I tried my best anyways; it was at least the third time around before I at least faked it halfway decently. I was definitely the least experienced person there (quite the change from the other movement stuff I’m up to) and was not warmed up in the slightest.

The round robin, some T. Monk and other bebop music in the background, was opened up to free improvising with different back rhythms for each song that came on. It was great to watch and listen to the hoofers and I can see where Mike Faltesek gets some of his fantastic rhythm; dancing around the beat while style alluding to it. There was some improvisation without music and then lastly we split up into two smaller groups (a few more people had joined us by this time). Similar to the exercises we use in solo jazz or charleston classes, they had us work off of what the person before us did, taking something and going with it.

Overall, I’m sadly out of shape and new, although it definitely gives me the energy to practice for the next time I can go to the Tap Jam in three weeks. It would be nice if I could find someone to work out some exchange with, but maybe later.

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  1. That sounds great Carl! Improvisation in tap is one of the most courageous things you can do! Keep at it and it will take your dancing to a whole new level. It sounds like the event was fun. I hope to be starting a Tap Jam here in Atlanta very soon.

  2. I am so proud of you that you went and had the courgae to join in! I have been tapping alot longer than you and I am way too intimidated to go and do something like that – and missing out on a great oppertunity because of it.
    Lets try and schedule another session with Robyn..I could use the practice too!

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