Gene Kelly – A Man of Another Age

After reading Terrence Tap‘s post about Family Guy using an old Gene Kelly clip I headed over to Youtube to check out clips of this talented dancer. The first one I found was this one.

A spectacular piece where he is dancing with a mirror-apparition of himself. Not only is the composition and story of the dance entertaining and masterfully put together, but also the technique and grace which Gene Kelly has, elicited at least one verbal explicative (note the step at about 2:46). Watch the lines he creates with his body, the intention of his arms; wonderful.

Also this piece from a movie exhibits a fascinating sense of playfulness and musicality.

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  1. Carl,

    Gene Kelly is phenomenal. Thanks for sharing those great clips! I am always so impressed with his athleticism & personality. You should the other clip I posted featuring him! It’s incredible he tap dances on skates.

    Here is a link to that one:

  2. Gene Kelly is definitely a favorite of mine. I think I’ve seen all his movies. My old tap teacher made us watch her favorite scenes in class. He really is amazing. Very inspirational.

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