Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2007 – The Middle pt. 2

To continue with Saturday, I will begin with a short review of two show performances that took place in the evening.

The first was a tap show in honor of the Nicholas Brothers put on by Sakarias Larsson and Mattias Lundmark, two of the spectacular Harlem Hot Shots from Sweden. It was quite the spectacle where they first traded spotlights and then had an ensemble section. Now that I’ve been working on tap for a short while it amazes me even more to know how hard it actually is.

The second show as a tribute to the Four Congaroos performed by Mike Faltesek with Casey Schnieder and Stefan Durham with Bethany Powell. It was in two parts, the first an ensemble piece and the second included spotlights. The music was so incredibly fast (like the original) that it was almost difficult to have time to appreciate each movement on its own. Exceptional work to the four of them, especially Bethany as I heard she had been relatively sick. Here are the two clips. The second one being my favorite. I believe the original dancers were Frankie Manning, Ann Johnson, Russel Williams and Willimae Ricker.


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