Interview with Frankie Manning

Thanks to Alain’s blog for posting up this little tidbit about an interview with Frankie Manning from the AARP.

Frankie Manning is an exemplar of lindy hop and has been for many years. If you haven’t read his autobiography buy it on Amazon or find a friend who has it. He is both an inspiration to watch in old clips and to hear and meet in person today.

The classic clip that every lindy hopper (and really everyone) should see from Hellzapoppin’ in 1941.

A recent clip from Lindyfest 2007 where Frankie Manning is dancing with another amazing dancer, Dawn Hampton.

I’ll be back to wrap up my review of ULHS soon.


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  1. […] I’ve never been in a class with Frankie and it was very enjoyable. Check out some clips of Frankie both new and old and an interview with […]

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