Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2007 – The End pt. 1

A minor addendum to the last post, Henric and Joanna are not members of the Harlem Hot Shots and I apologize for the accidental labeling.

Most events have a number of divisions for choreographed pieces, ULHS has two: Lindy Hop Performance and Team. The floor was rearranged so that the competitors could present from the center of the ballroom facing the balcony. With chairs, spectators and judges set up the competitions began.

Congratulations to everyone who showcased a piece at ULHS. There were nine choreographies in the Lindy Hop Performance category, unfortunately I did not manage to get together with Caro the week of to polish our routine otherwise it would have been ten. It will debut at ALHC in two weeks.

I had the intention of reviewing these more closely but it will have to wait till I have a bit more time.

Thirdly, Dax and Alice with some exceptionally tight charleston.

Secondly, Kevin and Emily with hot jazz steps.

Firstly, Skye and Frida making it look so easy, clean and wonderfully musical.


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