Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown 2007 – The Wrap Up

In closing for ULHS I will leave off with videos of the finals from the solo charleston and solo blues competitions and a few words.

Yes that is me crawling up to meet Dianne, it was an entertaining part to play. The exchange between her and Naomi over Peter near the end was a hilarious highlight to the contest.

This years ULHS was an amazing event and one which I hope continues to grow and improve. My only real gripe is with the venue chosen for this years event. The room was amorphous, lacking a definable stage front and rear which, along with the balcony, detracted from the intimacy and focus that Showdown has had in the past at the Varsity Theatre. It felt more like a hotel ballroom which seemed to distance the dancers from the audience, thus creating a rift in the ability to perform collectively. The venue was also exceptionally hot and humid, creating an atmosphere where people didn’t really feel like dancing. Lastly, the area lacked any real shops or food joints for late night excursions unlike the student area of prior years. I hope next year a better location is found, perhaps we can return to the Varsity.


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  1. Thank you for sharing so much from ULHS. I’ve missed the pleasure of watching Stefan and Bethany dance as Portland locals. It’s nice to get to see him playing around again.

  2. […] are traded for halls that are chosen to fit the most people possible.  It happened to this years ULHS as well.  Managing the size of an event versus the quality of an event can be a challenge; Camp […]

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