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It has been four months since I started this blog and readership has risen from a few hits per day to 30 or 40 on average.

I’ve written articles about various dance events and competitions, on dancers of the past and still present, on dance blogs, the role of lindy hop as a performance art, and more. I’m looking to solidify the bases I’ve set down so far, perhaps expand and your feedback is the way I can get a sense of what you want to read.

Are you looking for dancer or musician profiles, perhaps history on particular time periods or dances, more examination of jazz dance as a performing art or as a social dance, a page on dance etiquette or more about developing as a dancer. A more personal point of view or a more objective one?

Let me know and post a comment or e-mail me.

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  1. Hmmm…
    If I had to add my 2 cents, I’d say that I’m especially fond of your posts that discuss/describe large events (your recent Swing & Soul post-mortem, as well as your ULHS2K7 posts, come to mind) as well as your thoughts on other blogs and online resources.

    I love the idea of posts discussing “more about developing as a dancer” but I don’t know what that means concretely. As a dancer just barely out of his Beginner Phase, I’m very much intrigued by how to really contribute to that lead-follow connection and just make a dance vibrant and dynamic…but at that point, I’m wondering if it’s not just asking you to substitute for a living, breathing dance instructor.

    Honestly, I’ve loved your choice of topics up ’till now and don’t see a need to… consolidate?… your future posts under a select few headlines. Rock on, Carl.

  2. Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it. I’ll think about topics regarding developing as a dancer and see if I can get one up.

  3. I really like your blog, you have very diverse and interesting topics. I particularly appreciate when you give your point of view on events that you attended because first for those that could not go it feels like we didn’t miss it all and second for those who attended it is always good to know how others perceived the event. Also I definitely like the fact that you give a personal point of view. I don’t always agree with it but it is definitely a good point of comparison. I think that it is one of the very strong point of your blog. Lastely I would love to hear about more historical facts on the dance and maybe hear your opinion on its evolution and how you fell about the different era.

    Thanks your hard work on the blog

    Sorry for the crappy english.

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