Due to a lack of internet when not at work these past few weeks I haven’t managed to polish a couple articles I’ve been working on.  So for readers who want an ear to the rest of the dance-web here are a few links to mark your time.

  • Crowdsourcing Musicality : An interesting exploration of how the internet can be used to link together various ideas, examples and experiences of musicality from different members of a community.
  • What is Tap Dance : A compilation of five videos where different masters of tap present their view on the past, present and future of tap dancing; a wonderful find.
  • Meet A Dancer – Jojo Jackson : A short interview on with Jojo Jackson who is spearheading this spring’s Northeast Girl Jam.

Look forward to articles on the Lindy Hoppers Fund, Dance Photography and more.

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  1. Sweet links Carl. 🙂

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