The Lindy Hoppers Fund

I was recently tipped off, thanks to ILHC‘s website, to the development of a wonderful project called the Lindy Hoppers Fund.  Born out of a conversation between Tena Morales, Peter Strom and Skye Humphries over what to do with any potential profit of a documentary that is in the works (perhaps more on this in a future post) as a way to give back to the community, the Lindy Hoppers Fund is a non-profit human services organization to provide benefits to the elder generation of Lindy Hoppers.

The program will help aging Lindy Hoppers, who danced at the Savoy, performed in film and theatre, and have provided services to the dance community, with “crisis intervention, individual and family needs assessment, and development of long-term plans including ongoing support, education, information and referrals” and financial assistance for the costs of living (rent, utilities, health services).

I had a chance to catch up with Tena on the project and she provided me with a whole list of information as to who was helping with the development of the website, editorial content, and so much more.  The list includes but is not limited to: Naomi Uyama, Andy Reid, Gina Helfrich, Laura Glaess, Peter Strom, Terry Monaghan.

The organization is set to kick off at the friday night of this year’s Great Southwest Lindyfest in Houston on March 13th.   There is a matching program which instructors and event organizers can enter where the instructors donate 25$ of their fees to fund and ask that the event organizers match their donation.  Currently, Lindyfest and ILHC are the two events involved in the matching program but I’m sure we can expect more to join in with spectacular instructors (The Silver Shadows) showing their support.

We can expect to see the website up by the 13th of March where you will be able to make tax-deductible donations online.

Please show your support for the elder generation of Lindy Hoppers and this wonderful initiative and visit the Lindy Hoppers Fund, provide donations and if you teach or organize events get involved with the matching program.


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  1. Fantastic! I’m so happy that the swing community has come up with such a great, charitable idea.

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  3. New Fund to help aging lindy hoppers in need

    New York lindy hopper Carl blogs about a new Lindy Hopper’s Fund of America that aims to assist elderly swing dancers who have any kind of pressing financial need. It’s great hearing about lindy hoppers taking care of their own.

  4. Yay! This is an inspiring and inspired idea.

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  6. […] Lindyfest 2008 I had the pleasure to attend Lindyfest on March 13th to 16th.  It had been a last minute decision on my part but I was very glad to have attended an event that I have heard so much about and that was launching the much anticipated Lindy Hoppers Fund. […]

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