Linked-In (March 3rd)

Here’s a trio of links for March 3rd.

  • Peter Strom’s Music Blog – While not specifically jazz music oriented Peter has recently relaunched his music blog.  Peter is a prominent member of the lindy hop community and is widely respected for his dancing and musical taste.  He is one of the administrators for the Lindy Hoppers Fund, an organizer for Swing and Soul, and a world-class instructor.
  • Alain Bikes for Microcredit – Alain Wong, lindy hop blogger and instructor out of Montreal, will be biking to raise money for microcredit and to empower women.  He has already raised 750$ and a good portion of donations (up to 1000$) will be matched by StandoutJobs, a recent Montreal startup co-founded by Cat’s Corner‘s Fred Ngo.
  • Northeast Girl Jam – Northeast Girl Jam continues the trend of many outstanding Girl Jams but this time on the east coast.  The first girl jam was organized by Giselle Anguizola in 2005 and they have since sprung up all over the west coast and even Australia.  If you didn’t catch the video round-up, Jojo (the organizer of NE Girl Jam) and Giselle (teaching at NE Girl Jam) are featured in the Hot Pockets routine.  I’m excited to attend (as a lead) and am even featured as a guest instructor.

Enjoyed the links or would like to submit an article of interest, let me know.


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