Solo Jazz Video Round-Up

Lots of random dance videos circulate the web these days and picking out some quality from the mass can be a bit difficult.  Here are three videos posted on YouTube that stand out.

Stomp Stomp – A very solid routine performed at the 9:20 Special in California.  The dancers are Manu Smith, Michael Terkowski, and Nathan Dias.  It’s musical, innovative and yet very classic with elements similar to the routines performed by Al Minns and Leon James throughout their career together.

Hot Pockets – This video is a routine choreographed and performed by Giselle Anguizola and Jojo Jackson in 2005.  The routine is minimalistic, fast and concise in its footwork and movement which works very well with the song selection.

Zhenya – While not the best angle, the routine is distinct and works well with the dynamics of the song.  Movements are smooth and the ease with which he creates shapes and musicality with his arms is one of the highlights.  The dancer is Evgeny Demchenko and it is performed at the 2007 Beijing Swing Contest.


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  1. I had never seen that last video you mentioned. It’s awesome! Every transition is so smooth and flowy and looks so effortless. I really enjoyed watching it. I’m glad you posted it.

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  4. Hiya!

    We got a new version of the Stomp Stomp Jazz routine you mentioned at the top, check it out:

    The style is a bit different though then the old video, what do you think?

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