Baby Soda Jazz Band Video

To follow-up from the Street Jazz article, here is a video taken by Dianne Eramo of the Baby Soda / Tin Pan combination from February 27th, 2008 in Union Square Subway.

The band assembled: Patrick Harrison – Accordion, Jared Engle – Banjo, Debbie Kennedy – Bass, Luke Winslow King – Resonator, David Langlois – Dishes, Jesse Selengut – Trumpet.

Dancers on periphery: Eve Polich, Joy Arico and Me.


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  1. Saw you guys in Central Park yesterday. You’re making great music! Kind regards, J&W, Leiden, the Netherlands, Europe

  2. Thanks for the video, Carl. They are amazing – I am such a sucker for the whole accordion/dishes/banjo swing combo thing. It makes the whole sound so ‘raw’!

    I really miss their tuba and Meshiya Lake, though.

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