Blues Video Round-Up

There is always controversy over the notion “blues” in the dance scene; whether it pertains to the music itself, to a type of dance and what constitutes either controversy is sure to follow.

On forums discussions over what is blues surge back to the front at least once a year if not more often. So here are some videos rounded up from YouTube to demonstrate my thoughts on the matter.  Unfortunately embedding is disabled on the first two clips so you’ll have to click through until I figure out a workaround.

Grit Grinder GirliesThis clip is from ALHC 1999 and is one of the best early examples (since the revival) of solo blues dance that I could find.  Unfortunately I do not know who any of these dancers are.  The movement of the dancers captures the audience with its dynamic, musicality and simplicity.

Shaheed and BrendaA spectacularly choreographed and executed piece to Wynton Marsalis’ “New Orleans Bump” at bluesSHOUT 2007.  Their movement is honest and their connection to the music, each other and the audience comes through even in the video; not to mention the wonderful musicality and partnering.

Blues @ RAF 2006/2007 –  This is a great clip for the variety in the interpretation of the music from the many dancers.  Some of the dancers maintain a slow drag style for the majority of their spotlights while others break away or incorporate more open position material.

If you enjoyed this video round up, check out the others: Raw Video Round-Up, Solo Jazz Video Round-Up.

What did you think about the videos?  Have other videos you want to share?  Comment.

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  1. Nice round-up, Carl. I just saw that Shaheed and Brenda video for the first time today and I’m blown away. Do you know if he’s got a modern dance background?


  2. I don’t know, but his movement amazed me the first time I saw it. It would make sense that he has done other sorts of dance, modern would be one of my guesses.

  3. Fantastic Blog.. There should be more like this.

  4. Thanks Mr. Jive.

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