Dance Movie Blogathon – May 4th to 10th

Here is an interesting initiative I stumbled upon over on for all of us dance bloggers.

 Ferdy on Films, etc. is proud to host the Invitation to the Dance Movie Blogathon, May 4 through May 10. The last day of the blogathon just happens to be the birthday of one of the greatest dancers ever to grace the silver screen–Fred Astaire. Contributions on that date that discuss Astaire are particularly welcome. Please RSVP to Link to this page before the event and to Ferdy on Films, etc. during the week of the blogathon.

So, during that week I will showcase some of lindy hop and jazz dances most revered clips from film and movies.

Were it not for Hollywood there would be no Hellzapoppin’, no Day at the Races, and no Stormy Weather.  What a sad world it would be.

Are you going to particpate in the Dance Movie Blogathon or have any suggestions for vintage jazz or lindy hop clips that should be included?  Let me know and comment.


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  1. There are some great vintage dance videos with this collection.

  2. Oh man. So many. I remember when, in the pre YouTube/ era it was crazy to get a copy of a classic video…
    You could write about After Seben with ShortyGeorge.
    Do a write up about The Maharaja with Hal&Betty Takier it’s the Hellzapoppin’ of Balboa.
    Keep Punchin’s fake social dancing is coo but the idea of the big apple sequence and how Frankie choreographed it without having ever seen the “real thing” is worth a mention.
    Really most of all I want you to talk about any good examples of Dean Collins’ style and how he has kind of fallen by the wayside in a lot of contemporary lindy.

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