Lindy Hop for America Bill

 George W. Bush signed into law today the Lindy Hop for America Bill ensuring the preservation of this lost art form as the U.S.’s National dance.

Having quietly pushed the bill through Congress last night, the bill will provide federal funding for renowned events like ULHS, Camp Jitterbug and ILHC to ensure America’s dominance in the global lindy hop community.

Courses in Lindy Hop and other vernacular jazz dances will be required in all public schools and institutions.  Instructors will be given federal support for teaching in less traveled dance communities in hopes to spread this American past time into less rhythmically inclined neighborhoods.

The presidential hopefuls had their remarks to make on the bill, with John McCain backing the president although rumor is that he would have preferred the Texas Two-Step as the national dance.  Hillary Clinton reportedly had no comment although she was last seen heading to a contra dance in Pennsylvania to rouse supporters.  In a rare move, Barack Obama came out in support of the Lindy Hop for America Bill proclaiming his support for a dance that brought people together.

Here is some footage of George W. Bush dancing moments before the announcement.


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  1. Good one! hahaha

  2. that video cracks me up

  3. heheheheheh!!!

  4. Hah! You took that one too far. The first and second paragraphs were actually believable!

  5. Almost believe it myself! I then realized the date 🙂

  6. awwww, i’m soooo gullible, i got really excited there for a few minutes!!! is “lindy hop” written on the ceiling, too? =)

  7. If only!
    I would love a government program that would give me a grant to fly to ULHS this year.

  8. That’s a good one!

  9. Well done 🙂

  10. Like the breezy knees, will make a good Lindy Hopper.
    Here’s a couple of funnies you will like.

  11. Thanks for playing along with the April Fools.

  12. […] Fools Roundup First off, thanks to those people who humored my post Lindy Hop for America Bill.  I understand that we would all wish to see such a great initiative and perhaps it is not too far […]

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