April Fools Roundup

First off, thanks to those people who humored my post Lindy Hop for America Bill.  I understand that we would all wish to see such a great initiative and perhaps it is not too far fetched since George Bush Sr. passed National Tap Day into existence in 1989.

Not many dance bloggers jumped on the April Fools posting in the blogosphere but a great deal of high profile blogs and websites did so.  For those who read Gizmodo there was a spree of Mr. T references; Problogger had a spoof PayPerTweet post which has sparked conversation about a budding topic; Google had a number of them; and even the BBC got in on it with flying penguins.  The folks over at Jam Cellar did get in on the action with a YouTube video though.

Problogger writes about the opportunity cost of not participating in these kinds of events as they can build awareness and hopefully traffic to a site.  Proof in numbers: yesterday was the highest trafficked day of my blog to date, recording a quarter of the hits in one day that I got in the month of February.  Hopefully people will keep returning for the regular reviews and articles.


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  1. My favorite April Fool’s was Youtube Rickrolling everyone on their Featured Videos:

    Also enjoyed Google’s: http://www.google.com/virgle

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