Tearing Up Banjo Jims

Last night (Monday) Gordon Webster’s band with some stand-ins killed it at Banjo Jims.  The musicians are Jesse Selengut on trumpt, Cassidy Holden on upright bass, Dennis Lichtman on clarinet, the drummer who I can’t remember nor pronounce his name, and Gordon Webster on piano.

The night was made all the more hot with the addition of Skye Humphries and Ramona Staffeld showing up and tearing up the flooor.  What a night.


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  1. Wild… is this typical for the venue or is it often non-danceable music? Just wondering if this is a hangout of sorts you and other dancers frequent or only when the bands are good.

  2. This is typical NYC monday nights. The Cangelosi Cards normally play monday nights at Banjo Jims but they are on a different schedule this month so Gordon’s band is filling in with some amazing musicians.

    Also hot stuff at Mona’s on Avenue B tuesday nights and Telephone Bar on Wednesdays.

  3. […] reminded myself that my dancing wasn’t just part of a social event (say as it can be at Banjo Jims) but a performance.  The audience is just as much a part of the performance as the band and the […]

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