Blogger Appreciation Day

Darren over at ProBlogger has pronounced today, April 14th, as the [unofficial] Blogger Appreciation Day.

I show my appreciation for the following bloggers/blogs.

  • Alain Wong – Alain got the idea of blogging about dancing into my head with his blog and I’ve since grown quite a considerable readership (for a tiny niche blog) and networked with a number of other bloggers who I would never have had the chance if not for my inspiration from Alain.  We are now working on a collaborative blog project that will launch this summer.
  • Alex Steffen – Alex is a wonderful writer in the eco and sustainability blogging community as the executive editor of  I began reading this blog a year or two ago and it definitely helped shape my goals and aspirations for the future.  I keep up with his blog and many other eco and sustainability blogs on a regular basis.
  • Lifehacker – Organization has never really been my strong suit.  Pair that with my ability to get sidetracked and you’ve got a definite prevalence to get off topic, lose track of time and much more.  Lifehacker is a great blog that includes articles and links to great efficiency tricks and tools.
  • Arstechnica – I have a fascination with all things technologically-related whether it is laws, the latest developments, gadgets or games.  Arstechnica keeps me up-to-date on all of these topics with exceptional reporting and writing.

This is a non-exclusive list but these are my highlights.


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  1. […] I look at my own browsing, linking, and reading habits, I find myself actually depending on the reputation of others. The number of Diggs something […]

  2. […] As Carl mentioned yesterday, we are launching a collaborative dance blog project this summer. There will be more dancer interviews, more jazz music discussions and more reporting on Lindy Hop events in the near future. […]

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