Reborn Alone

So I have the urge, the need to create a solo piece.  It has been on my mind for sometime, perhaps years, yet I did not want it to be just another charleston routine or blues routine.  Watching choreographies from modern and contemporary artists, they often have a value, a meaning attached that I find all too often lacking from the choreographies of the lindy hop and jazz community.

We choreograph based around flash, style or atmosphere.  We create a blues piece to be sexy, sensual or sultry.  We create a lindy hop choreography to match the music, to evoke a sense of musicality that is built directly off of the rhythm and structure of the music behind it.  To show our athleticism, our creativity, the one-upmanship of our peers.

But why don’t we create routines which evoke a particular emotion or injustice that strikes us; using the music as a source of inspiration to show that anger, discontent or joy.  Is our dance limited in its maturity?  I don’t believe it has to be.  Perhaps the next step is for our pieces to mean more than just a historical recreation with modern influence; perhaps our step is for our works to be art which evokes some relationship with the world outside of jazz and lindy hop.

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  1. Carl, I know this doesn’t help since there’s no video to see, but Mark Eckstein did just what you’re asking in a WCS routine he did for stage at a dance festival earlier this year.

    It was an incredibly disturbing number done to Sam Cooke’s “Little Red Rooster” – I can’t describe the emotion I walked away with having seen it – very powerful stuff.

    Is you ever get the opportunity to see him perform outside of “Swing! the Musical, you should go, he’s a very talented dancer and choreographer and tries hard to impart some sort of life emotion to what he presents.

  2. I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Dancing with meaning beyond the norm of attitude and style is something that I would love to do, but don’t feel that I have the knowledge or skills to approach yet. I’m confident that you could put together something we all would like to see.

  3. Let me know when you put something like that together I would love to see it or even take part in something like that

  4. I have complete faith in you and your beutiful dancing ability that you can do any type of dance you want.

    I remember when we met and you were one of the few leads that I really considered a ‘true’ dancer – not just a lindy hopper. Do you remember when we ran into each other at the Jazz Festival (maybe three years ago) – You weren’t just swing dancing. you were dancing.

    when you do create the piece. I would looove to see it!

    hmm..I want to do one too! I guess I actually do miss ‘dancing’; it’s been 4 and 1/2 months!

  5. p.s. we should totally do one together 😉

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