Making Changes

This is probably one of the most personal posts I have ever put up here.  Take it as you will.

Recently I have had some interesting twists added into my life.  My regular work week fell from five days a week, working more than 45 hours, to three days a week, averaging 24-30 hours.  At first it hit pretty hard.  I was taking about a 40% paycut on really short notice.  I cut back on expenditures that I could and stressed over it.  So much so that I was in physical pain for almost three days.

Then as the time has rolled by, I have realized it is a sort of blessing in disguise.  It has given me the space in my life to reevaluate what is important, how I want to live, and what I really take as valuable.  I am not made for the office life or the desk job.  I am an artist and that takes commitment; to no longer being afraid of freeing oneself from normal expectations.

I have added a tap class to my weekly schedule on Mondays at Steps alongside practicing tap with Maggie twice a week.  I am commiting more time and energy into my collaborative news project with Alain Wong, Lindybloggers.  I spent eleven days in a row either going out dancing or working on dancing, my body was tired but it felt great.

I have projects planned to choreograph with other dancers.  I am checking in on gigs for the new year and building prospects for the future which enable my artistic side to be sustainable.

I am building the life I want to live.

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  1. I reduced my hours from 40 to 25 and took a 40% pay cut from my full-time job when I got back from my bike ride down the West Coast.

    It was probably the best thing that happened to me as well, as I’ve been able to put in more energy into Cat’s Corner and dance-related activities.

    I don’t believe there are any backward steps in life, each step (as painful as they can be) brings us closer to discovering who we really are and fulfilling our purpose.

  2. We’re in the same boat – it’s quite a great experience these days and has allowed me to start branching out as a freelancer in addition to the opportunities as a dancer, etc.

  3. I feel for your stress and financial struggle, I suppose; but I am also jealous that you have been able to find your passion and know what you want to do!

    love you!


  4. Carl,

    I feel your struggle man. If anybody can find a way to make it happen you will. I’m working on the same goals…trying to take control of my time and sustain myself on my art form. Thanks for sharing this very personal experience.

    It encourages me to know that I am not alone in the struggle.


  5. […] had mentioned I was looking for changes and they came whether I really wanted them or not.  It turned out to be a tumultuous month or so […]

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