Tin Pan Blues Band – New Album “Hound’s Tooth”

Tin Pan Blues Band, one of my favorite old time jazz bands in NYC, is releasing a new album which claims to showcase their true street jazz self.  Hound’s Tooth.

Galgo Azul by Juan Perdiguero

"Galgo Azul" by Juan Perdiguero

I’ve busked a bit with Tin Pan in Central Park and it was an amazing experience.  When I worked in midtown I would take the bus up the twenty blocks and get off just to catch them for four or five songs during my lunch break.  These guys are exceptional musicians.  Jesse is their lead man on trumpet and vocals, Clifton on guitar, Rob on upright bass, and Stefan on reeds.  They can wail out heart-breaking tunes at a crawl or make it so hot and fast that you can’t help but dance.

I’ve got two of Tin Pan’s now old albums Alice McNulty and Early Jazz and Americana.  Of the two Early Jazz and Americana is my favorite but neither sounds like their street performances and that’s what Hound’s Tooth is promising.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it and I’ll shout out a review once I do.

In the meantime you can appease your ears over in the listening section.


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